Pillow Covers

A pillowcase is a cover for a pillow that can be removed and washed. Remove and wash used pillowcases. One of the pillows on the bed has a different pillowcase from the others. Bed sheets and pillowcases must be regularly changed. a bag filled with soft or springy material used as a cushion usually for the head of a person lying down. Simply put, a pillow case is used to keep your pillow clean as you sleep while a pillow sham is used to hide your pillows behind a more decorative façade. But how can you tell which is which? Typically pillow cases are open at one end, with no type of closure. They tend to be simpler, and therefore less decorative Today, pillows are stuffed primarily with materials such as polyester (a synthetic), feathers, down, or a combination of the latter two. The least expensive pillows to manufacture are polyester, although they are the most durable, easily washed, and cause few allergic reactions. The pillow insert is the form that goes inside your pillow cover. It’s can be made from different materials – feathers, down alternative filling, foam, or a polyfill material. The best inserts are full, cuddly, and fluffy, such as feather-down or alternative-down pillow inserts. As you’re getting them ready for bed, show your child their new pillow or blanket, and let them touch and play with it. Show them how to lay on their new pillow, tuck them under their new blanket, and let them practice.